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    Tent HireIf you are looking for a Tent or Marquee London, you will find what you are after a Marquee Hire  London. Marquees and Tents are often hired on a daily or weekly basis for home functions and parties.

    Tent – A Tent Hire London is a temporary structure composed of a covering made of a pliable membrane or fabric, supported by such mechanical means as poles, metal frames, beams, columns, arches, ropes and/or cables.

    Marquee – A marquee Hire is a canopy projecting over an entrance or doorway or a connecting canopy between two tents.

    Canopy – An architectural fabric projection that provides weather protection, identity, and/or decoration and is ground-supported in addition to being supported by the building to which the canopy is attached. The term also can refer to a small tent, a tent without sidewalls or an awning.

    Clearspan Marquee – Box-beam frame-supported tent. A type of tent that features an assembled framework of box beam (or I-beam) arches that support the fabric roof and define the shape of the structure in much the same way as a pipe frame-supported tent. The stronger construction of the aluminum or steel box-beam frame makes these tents suitable for larger or longer-term applications than other types of tents. The box-beam framework also allows for large areas of unobstructed “clear span” space beneath the fabric roof. The larger structures require heavy equipment because of the size and weight of their parts. Popular in London, these tents come in widths ranging from 40-200 feet wide. Larger ones are used for Wedding Marquee Hire.

    For more information on tents or marquees please read our blog and other pages on our site. You can of course contact us for more information on your tent and marquee hire requirements with pricing and size guides. We provide these services mainly in London and other areas in UK.

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