Soft seating for marquee


soft seatingWe provide soft seating for marquee with our Marquee Hire London team. Soft seating has become very popular including low sofas, low tables, bean bags and bar stools. Our Moroccan themed marquees include a wider range of soft seating in addition to other Moroccan d├ęcor.

Soft seating has no become the must have for Mehndi and sangeet parties where floor mats and cushions are used for comfort and design. As our marquee Hire can include flooring and carpet this is a great addition tou your marquee hire.

Soft seating for marquees and inside the house (interior design) has been used for a few years but now has really taken off. Designs can be customised for modern sleek looks or traditional Arabian nights or Indian themed looks.

At Marquee Hire London we have such a wide range of soft seating and low seating solutions we can provide that unique touch to your London furniture hire.