Sangeet Party Marquee


Sangeet Party MarqueeMany Sangeet parties take place in a Sangeet Party Marquee. Covering London and areas like Finchley, Southall, Wembley and Ilford we offer everything needed for you to host a stylish Sangeet party at your home and in your Indian Marquee Hire. Our marquees are great for an Indian home party in London and our Simple to Stylish philosophy gives you the power to decide how much or how little décor you want.

Our Marquee Hire London team will advise on the type of Tent you require and sangeet and Mehndi decor for your party. We have stand up umbrellas, Indian and Moroccan cushions and floor mats for hire. We can provide marquee hire for the full week at excellent rates.

The sangeet ceremony is also known as ‘gaun’. This custom heightens the excitement of wedding festivities. In the earlier days the custom of gaun used to last for ten days but with the passage of time, as people didn’t have more time to spend due to demanding work schedules, the custom has usually reduced to a one night function. At the bride’s home women relatives and friends play the dholki and sing suhaag, which is a traditional folk song. Songs include ‘jokes’ about the in-laws, and would be husband how to have a successful marriage like and songs about the bride leaving her parents’ home. Similarly the women at the groom’s home sing songs called ghoriya. Traditionally only the women celebrated this ceremony but nowadays the concept has changed as both men and women participate to celebrate this occasion. Also check our Mehndi Party Marquee.

In 2015 we have a bigger selection of decorations to make your Indian home party, Sangeet or Mehndi party look even more stylish. We will also be introducing a self hire system where you can choose which decorations you want to hire, we deliver them to you and you can set them up yourselves providing a more cost efficient way to theme your marquee or home.