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Covering Marquee Hire Ilford our team can set up a Marquee, Tent or gazebo for your home party anywhere in Ilford Table and marqueeIlford along with mehndi decor,, lanterns, Moroccan tables and other decorations. Areas covered include: IG1 Ilford, IG2 Gants Hill and Newbury park. IG3 Seven kings and Good Mayes. Marquee Hire in IG4 Redbridge, IG5 Clay hall, IG6 Barking hall and Hainault.

Our Tent Hire Ilford also cover IG7 Chigwell, IG8 Woodford Green and Marquee Hire Finchley. Many parties in these areas tend to be for Weddings or Pre wedding parties. we have excellent knowledge of such requirements and also provide many other services which you may require.

The picture to the right shows some decorations which can be used in a hall, home or marquee. These are typically used for a mehndi party or other wedding related parties. Of course at LDN we cater for all type of parties and have other decorations which can be used for birthday parties and general occasions. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to tailor our service to your needs. So whether it is decorations, theming or just a simple tent we can provide exactly what you need.

Our Tents can be simple or can be themed for wedding ceremonies from different cultures and religions most common in Ilford being Hindu Wedding Marquee Hire and Sikh Wedding Marquee Hire. These almost often involve a hire if the parties are done at home. The need for extra space for various activities make a hire a must have for such occasions.

Ilford has a high number of Asian clients wanting pre wedding party tents. We have long served this area and have great knowledge of this client base. Previous close relationships with cake makers, Mehndi artists, venues, caterers, and card makers in this area have led to many referrals for business.  We are looking to expand our services in the near future in Ilford (East London) and look forward to offering a wider range of services and products focusing on the wedding and pre wedding market.

Ilford Map

Map of ilford

With the most awaited party season of the year, it is no wonder that you are looking for party tents in London. There is something unique and fun about partying in a magnificent marquee or canopy that has been erected in an outdoor location. Whether it is a corporate party, family get together or a pulsating bash with friends you can throw the best party in town under a marquee.

If you want a dance floor in your party you need a lot of space. Depending on the number of guests, you need to choose tents between 900 square feet and 4000 square feet. Row type seating requires the least amount of space; LDN marquees can offer advice on this.

Gazebos are available in standard sizes such as 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 30’, 30’ x 40’, 40’ x 100’ and lots of sizes in between. So take some factors into consideration and choose the correct size so that your guests are comfortable, there is enough space and you can arrange all the decorations that you want to include in your party.

By browsing our site you can get more information and see more pictures to get some ideas. We are trying to add more pictures to our site and we know you love seeing great examples. We have added some more pics below and will continue to update the site as much as we can. Also look out for our Facebook page, Twitter and also Google plus page. Google plus offers a great platform for use to promote our services and we will especially in 2015 utilise these social media platforms more.

From the map above you can see the surrounding areas of Ilford we cover. Redbridge, Leyton, Romford, Forest Gate, Stratford, Chadwell Heath and Barking are all areas we are familiar with. These areas host endless amount of weddings with a range of halls catering for weddings. With a large residential population there are thousands of customers wanting a marquee. requests range from 1 day to 1 week. Sometimes having one for a week works out better as guests tend to come over during the week. It can also be easier to cook outside and other things which require shelter. Sometimes we can offer great rates for hires which start and end on weekends. Give us a call or drop us a message to find out more.

2 for 1

Wouldn’t it be great to get a two for one deal, one for the girl and one for the guy side from the same company. Although we cannot quite give a marquee for free, we can certainly look at a great discount offer if you need two hires. We can accommodate for this as we have flexibility over our recourses and can increase them when demand is higher. The demand for hires tend to stay high throughout the year. Obviously during wedding season you would expect them to be higher but wedding season seems to be buoyant through the year. As our weather is never reliable people almost always prefer cover to protect from the rain. We have seen stats which state it rains 30% of the year so it is certainly better to be safe than sorry, especially when you have guests.

Other things:

Besides size, the choice of the tent also depends on the kind of surface on which it needs to be erected, requirement for heating or cooling equipment, lighting requirements’ need for enclosed portions for privacy and accessories such as Dee jay, food counter, drinks counter or decorations.

When you have a tent that is comfortable, the fun of your party magnifies. You can bask in the compliments that your guests pay you and relish the satisfaction of having organized an excellent celebration. If you are looking for a marquee hire in Ilford, or any other areas of London also check out our Facebook page.

We wanted to talk a bit more about 2015 and what we see going forward. We believe 2015 will see more marquees being hired, more house parties and gatherings in areas such as Ilford and London. People now are doing a lot more at home as there are so many companies and services on offer which make it easier and cheaper. We also see that period of hire declining for wedding functions. More people are condensing the pre wedding functions to fewer days however more people are being invited so the need for marquees is increasing. Instead of one week hires more people are going for four day hires but depending on availability it sometimes work out at the same price.

Marquees are the focal point

We think marquees are now becoming more important along with decorations and other products in Ilford especially. With all the add ons, ambience, atmosphere and character can be created by a hire company. What is great about LDN is we have both the tents and decorations on offer and a complete package, meaning you don’t need to deal with two companies.

Here are some more pictures which we have added and hope to continue to add more in 2015.

Ilford party tent

Ilford party tent


Indian lining

Indian lining

Other areas we cover:

In East London, Barking, Chingford, Walthamstow, Seven Kings and Aldgate. All of  London. Our Indian theming is also available all over London. Please note that we do offer the décor service for homes without a marquee hire however will not decorate a marquee set up by someone else. We are also in the process of offering a dry self hire service, where we deliver decorations to you and you do the set up yourself.