• How to set up Outdoor party

    • outdoor partyStep 1: Find an appropriate space. View the area and scenery. If there is a centre stage position you’re seating to provide guests with the best view possible. Ensure appropriate gangways are clear. The ground level should be fairly flat for use of tables and chairs. Guests should feel comfortable without the fear of stumbling.


    • Step 2: Lighting. The location should have the right amount of light and shade. Shade from the sun can come from using canopies, tents, marquees or umbrellas. Lighting can be provided using candles, lanterns and lights/chandeliers. Also consider lighting outdoor paths to and from the party.


    • Step 3: Decorations/Marquee Theming. Décor is becoming more important as people want to personalise their event. Moroccan themed marquees look amazing along with floral centrepieces. Lining inside the marquee gives an elegant touch and Indian umbrellas add colour and design to the venue.


    • Step 4: Music is vital for any party. You can either set up speakers outside, or use a portable sound system such as a Bose docking station. You can also hire a DJ who can bring additional lighting. Music can set the mood of the party i.e. relaxing atmosphere or a more dance vibe for a party tent in London.


    • Step 5: Protect you party from bugs. Both guests and food should be considered. Options include setting up a buffet table indoors or using mesh plate covers. A great idea is to use citronella candles or bug repellent fuel in torches which will provide lighting and keep insects away.


    • Step 6: Serve the right type of food. Fresh fruits are great in the summer along with salads with dips and finger food which can be served buffet style. Fruit punches, ice cold drinks are tea are usually desired. In the summer cold desserts such as ice cream are favoured and Grilling/BBQ can also be great for outdoor parties.


    • Step 7: Entertainment. Depending on the type of party you could consider entertainment such as clowns for a kid’s party. Music will provide great entertainment for a celebration. For Indian wedding ceremonies you may consider a Mehndi artist.


    • Step 8: Noise levels. You will want to consider your neighbors and be careful about noise levels at night. For outdoor Marquees contact us.
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