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    PartyThe home party market has continued to grow as more people choose to have parties and gathering at their residence. With so many companies offering excellent services on the go and delivered to your doorstep the home party market is looking very strong.

    There are now some excellent catering services providing both food and waitresses to help you out at your party at responsible prices. This makes it so much easier to organise and gives you more time to enjoy and host your party.

    Often people will need more space at their home so erecting a marquee in the garden has been the number one choice. There are so many benefits of doing this which we have written about here. As well as a tent you will want to consider flooring, heating and lighting. This is not always necessary but depending on your requirements can be a great addition. If you will be providing food, tables and chairs can also be hired. Most marquee hire companies will offer these additional services.

    Depending on the type of party you will also want to consider decorations. From a few balloons and banners which can be purchased from a supermarket to a more formal décor arrangement. Floral decorations, personalised balloons and chair covers can be used for a more sophisticated party.

    Music is also important in creating the right atmosphere. Most home sound systems can be used but for a bigger party and pre wedding home party a DJ can also be hired. The great thing about having a party at home is you can scale it up and down to what you are comfortable with and with so many companies out there offering services; you can customise it to your desire.

    Checklist for a home party:

    • A marquee for more space
    • Food made by you or a caterer
    • Drinks
    • Tables, chairs
    • Decorations based on your requirements
    • Music
    • Additional helpers – waiter, chef, cleaners
    • A great crowd

    This article was written by LDN Marquees

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