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    Party balloons functionsFunctions at home – so many functions are now taking place at home, here we will discuss the types of functions that are common to do at home. From birthday parties, children’s parties, to wedding parties we love any excuse to party.

    Birthday parties are very common to take place at home. Depending on how many people you are inviting most people will celebrate indoors which a few balloon, cake and food. For more special birthdays such as 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th birthday parties you may invite more people than your indoor capacity can hold. You may consider hiring a hall however many people opt to hire a marquee which allows you to invite more people whilst still being at the comfort of your own residence. A marquee can be used to extend the indoor capacity or as parties can become messy some people prefer to move the party completely into the marquee – not having to worry about spillages and other marks on their carpet.

    Children’s parties are also common at home. The most common difficulty with inviting lots children is the mess, spillage and general havoc they cause. If the weather is good the garden is the best place to host a kid’s party but to be on the safe side a simple marquee also works great. Other options are bouncy castles, hiring entertainers, clowns and magicians.

    Now we come to the grand occasion of wedding and pre wedding parties. If these are being done at home almost all the time hiring a marquee will be required. There are so many benefits including but not limited to increasing capacity, coverage from unpredictable weather, a place to mingle, eat, drink, dance and complete certain ceremonies. Also as the tents can be decorated very easily with so many options, they can be used to create an atmosphere based on your requirements and function. This is by far the most common function our larger tents and décor get hired out for.

    Of course there are other functions/occasions/events that are held at home, the key is to work out how many people you are inviting and insure you have the capacity to accommodate them all. No one wants an overcrowded party at home, as it becomes stuffy and messy. Also do not forget to have enough cutlery, seats and tables for your party, fortunately most marquee hire and event companies will also offer this service.

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